Girls and boys aged 3-5 years: they should orphans and they ought to be normal physically and mentally.

The kids in our orphanage are provided a normal domestic environment, morally guided by the staff, maids for generally cleaning washing clothes. There is always a cook for preparation of their meals. Their moral uplifting is rendered by occasional talks by their teachers and often by volunteers who are invited at the centre. The children live like a family. They always share the moments of sadness and happiness like a family.

Education Education, wholesome upbringing and a constant training of the children are important elements in an human life spun. Childhood is a very crucial period in human life. It is a firm, stable and a purposeful laying of the foundation for a human life: productive, creative and based on positivism. We always pray to Allah give us that warmth spirit and selfless dedication for the purpose. Volunteers from different walks of life and various educational institutions like Lums and Punjab University visit the orphanage and enlighten the kids about the importance of education. The Orphanage also caters for Islamic needs and education.


News Corner

Biws Child own School System is going to be launched shortly need support.